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Face Treatment Oil with Plant Extracts: Clarins Blue Orchid

29 Apr

Clarins Face Treatmetn Oil

If your skin is on the dry side, adding a high-performance face treatment oil to your beauty routine is a no-brainer.

Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is designed to nourish dehydrated skin and enhance your skin’s natural glow.

It’s all about the formula of this oil with 100% natural extracts like rosewood, patchouli, and blue orchid that tone and refine the skin.

Blue Orchid Oil also contains hazelnut oil which seals in moisture and protects against fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Apply

According to Clarins, here’s the best way to apply Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil:

  1. Release a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand and warm between both hands.
  2. Breathe in deeply to benefit from the aromatic properties of the essential oils.
  3. Apply to a cleansed face and neck.
  4. Gently press on the face with the flat of your hands to encourage fluid release.

One More Thing

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Superfood for Your Skin: Nip+Fab Kale Range

20 Apr


Kale is still one of the healthiest foods on the market, but now there’s a new way to get your greens.

Nip+Fab has recently introduced their Kale Fix range–a gentle and nourishing line packed with superfood ingredients like kale.

I had a chance to try three star products in this range, which will work well for anyone looking to soften and nourish dry skin with moisturizing (non-irritating) ingredients.

Kale Fix Moisturizer

Everyone needs to apply a daily moisturizer, so why not use one that packs a punch with a superfood powerhouse complex of kale, watercress, and almond oil. Aloe vera and shea butter also help to improve skin texture.

With the Kale Fix Moisturizer, I found that all you need is 1 to 2 pumps for long-lasting hydration.

Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads

It’s hard to find makeup remover pads that remove makeup effectively, but don’t make your skin feel super dry and tight.

Kale Fix Make-Up Removing Pads gently cleanse with kale and watercress extracts and soften skin without irritations. I was impressed how easily these makeup pads removed makeup from both my eyes and face.

Kale Fix Clay Mask

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks are definitely a must-have.

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Ultimate Makeup Finisher: MAC Prep + Prime Fix+

12 Apr


Happy Tuesday beauties!

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ is the holy grail of face mists so it was only a matter of time till I picked this up.

Lately, my powder foundation has been looking flat and chalky. After looking at a couple of MAC liquid foundations, a MAC rep suggested I try their best-selling makeup mist.

What a genius recommendation! I’ve now added “misting” as the last step in my makeup routine. Instead of looking overly matte and powdery, my skin looks healthy and dewy (but with the full coverage I like).

What You Need to Know about this Mist

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ is a lightweight water mist that refreshes skin and finishes makeup. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals as well as a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber to gently soothe your skin.

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Sheet Masks: A Quick Way to Test Drive Skincare

28 Mar


Happy Monday beauties.

Have you noticed how expensive some of the latest face masks are? For example, the Instant Plumping Cream Overnight Mask from Hungarian brand Omorovicza runs around $250 a jar.

That’s over the top for me so I looked into three sheet masks that don’t break the bank! Sheet masks are a great way to test whether certain ingredients work effectively for your skin type.

Boscia Vitamin C Brightening Hydrogel Mask

Boscia is well-known for their groundbreaking, mineral-rich products.

This hydrating mask features a high concentration of antioxidants, peptides, and plant extracts to help firm, tighten, and brighten skin.

Leave this mask on for 15 to 20 minutes and rub any excess mask into your skin for added benefits.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask

This set of concentrated eye treatment sheets instantly restore vibrancy to the eye area using pure retinol micro-infusion technology for up to 24-hour hydration. Retinol is about as good as you can get to smooth away the look of wrinkles.

Leave these eye masks on for 15 minutes, then peel off. Gently pat the remaining liquid into the skin around the eye area.

Sephora Collection Face Mask

This sheet mask collection covers it all! It has six different fiber sheet masks (in sets of two), each with a different benefit for the skin.

Leave these masks on for 15 minutes and gently massage your skin so that the excess liquid can penetrate.

Here are the different types of masks available in this collection:

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Natural Relief for Sensitive Skin: Riversol Skincare

14 Mar

Riversol Skincare

It’s amazing how many people suffer from sensitive skin conditions whether it’s rosacea, eczema, or chronic dryness.

If you share this skin type, you’ve probably used a product full of irritating ingredients that made your skin feel even worse.

Potent Ingredient from the Pacific Northwest

Riversol skincare was developed by board-certified dermatologist and skincare expert, Dr. Jason Rivers. He created the Riversol line when he couldn’t find products free of gluten, parabens, and other irritating ingredients to recommend to patients with sensitive skin.

One of the potent ingredients in Riversol skincare is Beta-Thujaplicin (Beta-T), a gentle antioxidant found in the Pacific red cedar tree.

Tested for different uses, Beta-T has impressive results including natural calming and soothing of sensitive skin. Beta-T has also been clinically proven to fight free radicals and improve the skin’s overall look.

Riversol Skincare

I had a chance to sample a redness control trio designed to relieve inflammation and improve the radiance and texture of dry, sensitive skin.

Hydrating Cream Cleanser

This daily cleanser is different from most cleansers that leave skin feeling dry and irritated. Even though it’s a cream format, it provides a deep but gentle cleansing of dirt and impurities.

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Take it All Off: Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

29 Feb

Shiseido Instant Eye And Lip Makeup Remover

Good morning, beauties! I hope you had a great weekend.

I thought I’d share my favorite makeup remover with you because it’s a real lifesaver for my lashes and lips.

Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Makeup Remover not only removes eye and lip makeup in a breeze (even waterproof makeup), it does it gently. This is a big deal, especially if you love your lashes (like I do).

This dermatologist and opthalmologist-tested makeup remover has skin-caring properties that protect against dehydration while removing all of your makeup. Shiseido is always coming up with innovative formulas, and this one dissolves makeup while leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

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Brighten Up Your Eyes with a Serum Concealer

25 Feb

Serum Concealers

There’s a new crop of concealers in town that just may change your makeup routine.

Concealer with serums are designed mostly for the under eye area.

If you’re looking for creamy smooth texture, concealers with serum easily blend in so you won’t tug at your skin. They also provide serious brightening properties.

Here are three concealers with serum (from left to right in the photo) that are worth checking out.

BARESKIN Complete Coverage Serum Concealer

This serum concealer is designed to provide major coverage with an ultra-light texture. The formula contains antioxidant Lilac Plant Stem Cells to give skin a brightened, lustrous finish.

Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

This gel-serum concealer features brightening properties and a unique domed applicator (like a cotton swab) for the sensitive under eye area.

What I like about this concealer is that it’s infused with pineapple ceramide (pineapple is well-known for its brightening properties). You can also build the coverage without adding texture. Just dip, dot, and blend.

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Ultimate Bath Experience: Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company

22 Feb

Peaerly & Daisy Natural Soap Company

Did you know that it takes only 12 minutes to enjoy the benefits of a bath?

Some of the amazing benefits include enhancing your outer beauty (hydrated skin) and improving your inner health (improved blood circulation).

Pearl & Daisy Natural Soap Company

If that doesn’t convince you to jump in the tub, Pearl & Daisy soap and bath products just may do the job. This Nova Scotia company specializes in 100% natural soap and bath products inspired by the beautiful places and history of the east coast.

I had a chance to try out three products from Pearl & Daisy that helped to create the ultimate bath experience:

  • Rose Moisturizing Bath Bomb–Who doesn’t love a fizzy bath bomb, especially a 100% natural bath bomb with a beautiful rose scent! To help moisturize your skin, the bath bomb includes organic coconut oil and sunflower seed.
  • Veranda Sea Salt & Minerals Bath Soak–Mineral salts are great for improving circulation and relieving muscle tension. I tried the Veranda Bath Soak which blends the refreshing scent of lemon verbena with essential oil from the leaves and flowers of sweet thyme herb.

BEAUTY TIP: For best results, Pearl & Daisy suggests dry brushing your skin before bathing.

  • Mountain Mist Soap–The name of this handcrafted soap was inspired by the blue-gray mist that settles in the valleys of ancient coastal mountains after a rain and early in the morning. It’s an uplifting blend of sage and balsam fir for daily morning cleansing or any time you want to feel a calming sensation like walking in the woods.

If you’re shopping online at Pearl & Daisy, don’t forget to browse their products by how you want your bath experience to feel (for example, invigorated, relaxed, or focused) and check out their monthly subscription boxes.

Pearl & Daisy products are also available at retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Bathing Tips

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