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Canada Day Beauty: Elizabeth Grant Retinologist Refining Serum

1 Jul

Hi everyone!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian bloggers (and Happy
July 4th to my neighbours to the south).

Even though there won’t be any outdoor Canada Day activities this year, I’ll still be celebrating by doing a bit of self care with one of my favorite Canadian skincare brands: Elizabeth Grant.

As one of the most effective skincare ingredients, retinol is known for boosting collagen, cutting down fine lines and wrinkles, and improving skin tone.

If you get a prescription from a dermatologist, it can be rough on your skin. In smaller does in a skincare product, it can easily be incorporated into any skincare regime.

The Wonder Effect Retinologist Refining Serum from Elizabeth Grant suits all skin types, but is ideal if you have combination, oily, or mature skin. With its Retinol complex, the serum helps eliminate rough skin by speeding up the skin’s natural renewal process and targeting large pores, discolouration, and fine lines and wrinkles.

To allow skin to tolerate retinol, it’s best to apply it at night before bed. I apply just a small amount of the Reinologist Refining Serum to my face and neck area every night before using a moisturizer.

In the Wonder Effect Retinologist line, I’m also using the day cream, night cream, and eye cream. I’m hoping it will help with any dark spots that may come up over the summer (if it ever arrives in Vancouver).

Have a great holiday. ☀️




Korres Olive Oil & Blossom Hand Cream

7 May

Hi everyone!

Life in quarantine carries on with new normals like endless hand washing and hand sanitizer application.

Since all of this hand washing/sanitizing is a must right now, it’s not surprising that hands are taking a beating.

Keeping skin moisturized makes everyone feel better but it’s also important in these “challenging” times. If skin is raw, then soap and disinfectants don’t work as well. Cracked and bleeding hands are also more susceptible to infections because they allow germs and bacteria to invade the skin.

One of my favorite ways to moisturize my hands is with Korres Olive Oil & Blossom Hand Cream.

With ingredients like olive leaf extract, organic extra virgin olive oil, and shea butter, this hand cream is made for treating dry, cracked hands. It also contains calendula oil, whch helps provide skin repairing and anti-oxidant benefits to the hands.

A little of this cream goes a long way to keep hands moisturized. The cream dries fast, leaving just softness behind. It’s also great for nails with less cracking and splitting.

One feature to keep in mind with the Korres Olive Oil skincare collection is that it does have a fragrance. The notes in Korres Olive Oil & Blossom Hand Cream are:

• Top: Bergamot, clementine and pomegranate
• Middle: Olive blossom, freesia and pink peony
•  Base: White musk, blond woods and tonka beans

I’m not a huge fan of scented skincare, but this hard-working hand cream is still worth it to me!

Take care, everyone.

Monday Masking

6 Apr

Hi everyone! Hope you’re safe and healthy!

It feels weird to be writing a post about skincare during a pandemic, but I’m all for self care right now.

Applying a skincare mask may seem trivial, but it may wash away some moments of anxiety and fear.

Here are some of my favorite masks for the “season.”

7th Heaven Renew You Gold Radiance Eye Masks

I may be getting more sleep these days, but my eyes still look tired some days (scary dreams, anyone?).

These gold collagen eye masks from 7th Heaven refresh and help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The masks contain CoQ10 (a nutrient that helps generate energy in cells) and soy bean extracts to help improve skin’s appearance while helping to produce collagen.

To use these masks, you first need to chill them in the fridge for 10 minutes (so refreshing!). You then leave them on for 15-20 minutes. When removing, lightly pat the excess essence under your eyes.  You can use these weekly or, for increased results, daily as part of an intensive evening moisturising routine.

Since these masks are reasonably priced, it’s worth it to keep an extra pair around!

Quantum Hydrox Exfolipac VitaMarine Mud Masque

This mineral mud masque offers a spa-type clarifying and rejuvenating treatment that you can indulge in weekly. The masque formula is a step up from usual mud masques, since it combines kaolin and bentonite clays and glycolic acid (10%) to amplify treatment. The deep acting clay accelerates skin smoothing and clarifying action.

Quantum Hydrox Skin Spa products are available at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations (including Granville & 13th in Vancouver) and Pharmasave locations. For online orders, visit

Skinn DermAppeal

This microdermabrasion-style mask provides aluminum oxide-free resurfacing and revitalizing treatment. It contains a naturally occurring mineral from the Dead Sea called Kakadu Plum Extract, as well as five different stabilized forms of antioxidant Vitamin C crystals. When my skin is looking dull and doesn’t seem to absorb any treatments, I definitely reach for DermAppeal.

Applying this mask is a bit of a workout because it requires gently massaging in circular motions for 1-2 minutes on lined and hyper-pigmented areas. You can also leave the mask on for 10-15 for additional absorption of the ingredients.

Best wishes for a safe quarantine, everyone!