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Spring Giveaway: MIYU Beauty Skincare and Beauty Teas

4 Mar

MIYU Beauty Prettea Quartet

After a long winter, spring is finally around the corner. What better time to get your skin ready for a new season and leave the cold, dry weather behind!

MIYU Beauty is a revolutionary line of skincare and beauty teas that can renew your skin by hydrating and soothing your complexion inside and out.

I’m a big fan of award-winning MIYU Beauty and am so excited to be hosting a giveaway of their four-piece collection of skin essences and tea pairings.

A Prettea Little Tea Quartet

This handy travel-size beauty set will help you hydrate and unwind with skincare and delicious beauty tea. The quartet includes:

  • Hydrate mi beauty essence (15 ml)–Enhances your skin’s ability to retain water and leaves a radiant, dewy glow.
  • De-stress mi beauty essence (15 ml)–Helps with visual signs of stress like redness and irritation and leaves a healthy, serene glow.
  • Hydrate mi beauty tea (2 sachets)Contains green rooibos, an African red bush tea that naturally contains electrolytes to rehydrate from within.
  • De-stress mi beauty tea (2 sachets)Contains relaxing ingredients like peppermint and chamomile blossoms.

How to Enter the Giveaway

Follow @blushstopshere on Twitter and tweet the following before Thursday, March 19 (12 pm PST):

RT & follow @blushstopshere to #win a 4-piece skincare/beauty tea set from @MIYUBeauty. #Giveaway details at

A random winner will be chosen and contacted on Twitter. The winner has 48 hours to reply or a new winner will be drawn. This giveaway is open to Canadian and U.S. residents. The prize package is sent directly from the sponsor.

Note: I’m just starting out on Instagram, so feel free to follow me at

Find out More about the MIYU Beauty Lifestyle

Update: This contest is now over. Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for new giveaways!

A Valentine’s Gift Inspired By Love

2 Feb

MIYU Beauty Made With Love

Is your special someone overworked and stressed out?

MIYU Beauty, a beauty brand that pairs luxurious skincare with beauty teas, can help you give the gift of an at-home spa retreat with a healthier twist on chocolate (if you’re new to MIYU Beauty, read more about their beauty essences and teas here).

The Made With Love kit designed especially for Valentine’s Day features a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter, and heaps of love.

The limited edition kit contains:
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Three Best Uses for Coconut Oil

22 Jun


Finally, coconut oil is getting the attention it deserves for promoting a healthy metabolism (and other health benefits) and for standing in as an amazing beauty multi-tasker.

Here are three of the best ways to use coconut oil.

Makeup Remover

Let’s face it. If you’re a makeup junkie (like me), you need a gentle, but effective way to take off  your shadow, liner, and mascara. Rub coconut oil gently on your eyelids and lashes and you not only easily remove makeup, you also condition lashes. Seriously, if you’ve been abusing your lashes, you will see an improvement pretty quickly.

Cooking & Baking Substitute

Coconut oil is a great replacement for less healthy baking options like butter and shortening, which may contain Trans fats. Replace coconut oil at a 1:1 ratio and use it at room temperature for flaky baked goodies.

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This Oil Helps to Prevent Sagging Skin

4 Apr

Olive Oil Prevents Sagging Skin

Preventing sagging skin may be as proactive as incorporating a certain type of oil into your daily diet.

Results of a French study involving both sexes identified a lower risk of severe photoaging (sun damage) with higher intakes of monounsaturated fatty acids from olive oil. Photoaging, including blotchy pigmentation, wrinkling, and skin sagging, is a response to sun exposure.

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Best Diets for 2014

8 Jan

Best Diets of 2014

If following a diet is one of your goals for this year, U.S. News and World Report has done the research for the best diets of 2014.

U.S. News evaluated 32 of the most popular diets and identified the best.

Best Diets Overall

The DASH diet tops the list for best overall diet because of its emphasis on portion control and balance. This leading diet recommends eating fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy while eliminating sweets and red meat.

The second best diet overall is the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet which features a low-fat regimen. The key to this diet is cutting back sharply on fat, particularly saturated fat.

Best Weight Loss Diets

The best diet to follow for weight loss is Weight Watchers followed by The Biggest Loser and Jenny Craig diets. Weight Watchers, which emphasizes making healthy choices that fill you up so you’ll eat less, and Jenny Craig also rank as the easiest diets to follow.

If you want more information on diet rankings, click here.

Three Steps to Weight Loss

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Snack on These Foods for Glowing Skin

21 Dec

Don’t let your busy schedule mess with your skin. If you snack on these healthy foods, you can keep the glow burning (even if you’re burning the candle at both ends).


Not only does Vitamin C give you energy, it can also also make your skin radiant and clear blemishes. Snack on strawberries to get even more of a Vitamin C boost than oranges and grapefruit.


With their high-powered antioxidant properties, blueberries can help prevent premature aging and keep your skin looking young and healthy.


When it comes to healthy-looking skin, this super fruit should be your new best friend. Avocados do it all: hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of age spots, and increase collagen production in your skin.
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Latest Innovations in Certified Organic Personal Care: Vermont Soap

31 Oct

Vermont Soap

More people are turning to organic skin care as they realize how easily skin can absorb chemicals and other ingredients that may cause health problems.

When it comes to non-toxic ways to keep your skin healthy and moisturized, Vermont Soap Organics continues to lead the way. I recently checked out three innovative products from their popular organic bath and body collection.

Sage Lime Organic Deodorant

As the latest launch to the Vermont Soap collection, Sage Lime Organic Deodorant is one of the first underarm protection products to meet the USDA organic food standard. If you care about your health and the health of the world, this deodorant is designed for you.

With a blend of 100% organic ingredients, this unique deodorant works with your body to inhibit odor-causing bacteria. Safe ingredients like sage and lime essential oils combine with 100% organic oil coconut oil to help you stay fresh.

You may want to pick up a couple of these because the light lime scent can work for you or your guy.
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This Book Has Inspired Kate Middleton’s Toned Stomach

20 Oct

The Complete Guide to Postnatal Fitness

If you’ve experienced childbirth, you know how hard it is to regain your pre-pregnancy body.

That hasn’t been the case with the Duchess of Cambridge. While joining in a volleyball game recently at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, Kate Middleton shocked everyone with her amazing post-baby body.

Since she has been so influential with fashion, it’s no surprise that Kate Middleton’s fitness regime is now gaining attention.

How did the Duchess get back her toned stomach? According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton is now a follower of postnatal fitness guru, Judy Di Flore.

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What’s the Prettiest Part About You?

15 Aug

If you’re a makeup addict, you sometimes get stuck on fixing parts of yourself that you don’t like. We all love beauty products that work but, once in a while, you need to lay off the goop and focus on the positive.

So back to the question. What’s the prettiest part about you?

I’ll start. I’ve been blessed with naturally long eyelashes (upper and lower lashes) that enhance my hazel-colored eyes.

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Nurture Your Skin From the Inside Out: MIYU Beauty

2 Aug

MIYU Beauty

If you’re looking for a whole-body approach to beauty that involves more than just applying topicals to your skin, MIYU Beauty is launching this month in North America.

The debut collection from this new lifestyle beauty brand features skincare products uniquely paired with beauty teas to help nourish your complexion from the inside out.

The skincare products, called beauty essences, are a fusion between a facial mist and a serum that can prime your skin for moisturizer or act as a base for makeup (you can also mist the beauty essence on your face any time of day for a surge of hydration or calmness). The beauty teas are whole leaf blends with ingredients known for their nourishing skin benefits.
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Hottest Way to Lose Weight: Count Only Sugar Calories

17 Jun

We all know sugar is bad for you, but for some people it can be the reason they are either gaining weight or having trouble losing it (if you have an apple-shaped body, you are already prone to weight gain from sugar so listen up).

Jorge Cruise’s latest book, The 100: Count ONLY Sugar Calories and Lose Up to 18 Lbs. in 2 Weeks, has a new approach to calorie consumption.

According to Cruise, all calories are not created equal. Sugar calories are the ones that one will get you into trouble.

You can eat unlimited amount of calories, or freebies, and still lose weight as long as you consume only 100 sugar calories per day (sugar calories include carbs like bread, pasta, as well as starchy vegetables and fruits).

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Organic Skin Smoothie Keeps You Moisturized All Day

13 Jun

Choco-Luscious Skin Smoothie

Smoothies are all the rage to boost your health.  Now you can keep your skin healthy and moisturized with a skin smoothie.

Vermont Soap Choco-Luscious Skin Smoothie is a new USDA certified organic moisturizer that leaves skin feeling silky but without a greasy feel or film.

The texture is like a body balm which I like because you can easily spread it all over your body without saturating your skin. Free of preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances, this skin smoothie has all the features of a luxury moisturizer, even a slight glow, but not the price (it retails for $19.98 US).

Key certified organic ingredients in this hydrating skin smoothie include coconut oil, coconut butter, and rosemary extract which all add up to a delicious scent. It is also gluten and lactose-free.

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Martha Stewart Knows the Power of Lemons

27 May

Martha Stewart recently visited the Doctor Oz show to talk about her anti-aging beauty secrets (and the status of her love life).

Like many celebrities (including Lauren Conrad), the homemaking guru is a big fan of drinking hot water with lemon. It must be working because Martha Stewart looks much younger than 71 years old.

According to Martha, all you have to do is squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a small glass of warm water and sip it every morning for these wonderful health benefits.

Lemon Water Health Benefits

Here are some tried and true benefits of drinking lemon water.

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Make a Splash with Limited Edition Holiday Accessories from H2O Plus

10 Dec

Stocking Stuffers with Sea-derived Ingredients

If you’re stumped for a holiday gift this season, be sure to check out some of the holiday accessories from H2O Plus.

All of their products are water-based and oil-free with natural ingredients derived from the sea.

H2O Plus Bath Fizzer Gift Set

This gift set, which is one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2012, includes mineral-rich sea salts that purify skin and soothe aching muscles.

Infused with essential oils, the tablets have a fresh scent that will definitely ease your holiday stress.

The set includes:
3 – Sea Salt Bath Fizz Tablets (Gold Foil)
3 – Sea Marine Bath Fizz Tablets (Silver Foil

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Burt’s Bees Teams Up with Jenny Bird to Help Save the Bees

6 Jul

Raise Awareness for Canada’s Depleting Bee’s Population

If you haven’t seen too many bees lately, it could be a result of Canada’s declining bee population.

In fact, 43 types of Canada’s bumblebees are currently threatened due in part to pesticide use, disease, pollution, and loss of habitat.

To help raise awareness and funds to save Canada’s depleting bee population, Burt’s Bees has teamed up with accessories designer, Jenny Bird, to create a custom, limited edition friendship bracelet.

All of the proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will go to the Pollinator Partnership, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore populations of pollinator species, especially bees.

There are two versions of the For the Bees bracelet:

  • Gold Bee Black Thread 18 karat gold-plated brass
  • Silver Bee Tan Thread sterling silver-plated brass

You can find the bracelet at The Bay locations or online at and


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