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Sandra Bullock on Being a Blonde

20 Nov

Image: BuzzSugar

Blind Side Blonde

If you have to pick one of the top brunette actresses in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock easily stands out. When it came to portraying Memphis Housewife Leigh Anne Tuohy in the film The Blind Side, the dark-haired actress had no trouble jumping into character by dying her hair golden blonde.

The Blind Side is based on the life of Michael Oher, an offensive lineman who plays for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. The storyline revolves around the Tuohy family who adopted Oher when he was homeless, and helped him to become one of the hottest recruits for college football in 2004 (check out the Tuohy family story that inspired the movie).

According to People, Bullock felt humbled to have been part of the movie, and considered her lighter hair entertaining but not really her “color palette”. Jesse James, the actress’s husband at the time, thought the same. So much for blondes having more fun! Click here to check out the official trailer.


  • Sandra Bullock’s performance in The Blind Side has brought her several honors, including a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild award, and an Oscar award for Best Actress. Her film has also reached a milestone as the first in history driven solely by a top female star to cross the $200 million mark at the domestic box-office.
  • If you loved the look Sandra Bullock pulled off as Southern Football mom, Leigh Anne Tuohy, you’ll be happy to know she was wearing a ToyWatch Plasteramic Watch with Crystals during the film.

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Blondes vs. Brunettes: It’s On!



Blondes vs. Brunettes: It’s On!

9 Oct


Blondes take longer to get ready

Do blondes really have more fun? A recent study by Goody Products® reported by the Telegraph found that blondes take up to six more minutes per day (72 minutes versus 66 minutes) to get ready. The study of 3,000 women also discovered that the average blonde has a better social life, going out three times a month, compared to twice a month for brunettes.

What does this have to do with having fun? The theory is that if you spend more time grooming, you’ll feel better about yourself. According to Rose-Marie Jarvis of Goody: ”Interestingly, we found that often it’s the time spent on getting ready that gives women a confidence boost – which would explain why blondes are thought to have more fun.”