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Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

22 Jan

Hi beauties!

Are you a mascara junkie? Have you heard the buzz about the Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara?

Over on Reddit, people are going insane over this Essence mascara that promises “dramatic length without the falsies.”

I had to hunt high and low in the Vancouver area, but I finally found a single tube.

After using this mascara several times, I have to say yes, it’s a darn good mascara for the price (under $5).

Here are some details about the mascara. It comes in one shade, a deep black. The fibre brush with a cone shape makes it easy to reach small lashes and lashes in the corners of the eyes, so you get a full lashed look.

After one coat of this cruelty-free mascara, my lashes look longer and thicker. With a single coat, there is also no clumping, flaking, or smudging! I like the look so much, I don’t use a lash curler (which I’m pretty much addicted to).

I wouldn’t say my lashes look as good as false lashes, but a couple of friends have noticed that my lashes are looking fuller these days.

Since the general recommendation is to replace mascara every two to three months after opening, I’ll definitely be stocking up on this lengthening mascara . . . if I can find it. 💕


Revolutionary Brush: Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara

14 Aug

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara

When it comes to innovative makeup, I’m all in. So I was very excited to try out Givenchy’s latest mascara, which is getting a lot of buzz for its lash extension effect.

The latest member of the Givenchy mascara family is Noir Interdit Mascara, a deep pigmented black mascara with a 90° bendable brush!

The brush is designed to make mascara easier to apply and catch smaller lashes (especially your lashes on the outer corner). On top of that, the bristles of the brush act like a comb to help apply the mascara from root to tip.

Combine the innovative brush with a unique stretching formula, and it’s easy to create lashes that have both volume and length. To build even more volume, I apply a few coats of the mascara with no smearing or flaking later in the day.

Applying the Mascara

Here are Givenchy’s Makeup Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes’s tips for applying Noir Interdit Mascara:

  1. Bend the brush to 90° by pressing the wand against the top of the container.
  2. Brush lashes in a zig zag motion from the root to the tips to achieve length and definition.
  3. Unbend the brush to create buildable volume.


Since this is a high-end mascara, let’s talk about the packaging of the Noir Interdit Mascara.

The mascara comes in a black glossy tube with silver stitching detail and GIVENCHY embossed on the side. Besides being elegant, the size and shape of the tube also makes this mascara comfortable to grip.

If you’re a mascara hoarder, you definitely need to add this to your lash stash!

Disclaimer: Media sample provided, all opinions are my own.

Lash Drama: Annabelle Cosmetics Mascara Collection

5 Sep


Good morning beauties!

If you’re looking for some lash drama this fall, Annabelle Cosmetics (a Canadian drugstore brand) has just launched a collection of mascara to create a wow effect and take your lashes into the stratosphere.

With all the different variations that these mascaras offer (around $10 each), it’s easy to get this fall’s big lash look.

Here’s a quick review of the Annabelle Cosmetics mascara collection (starting in the upper left corner in the photo).

Lash Launcher Mascara

For extra length and definition, the Lash Launcher mascara has a dual length brush. Use the longer row on the brush to separate lashes and get more definition. Use the row with the shorter bristles for bottom lashes or to catch lashes that are harder to reach (like outer lashes).

The lengthening formula in this mascara works well, and doesn’t clump or flake.

Supernova Mascara

The all-in-one Supernova mascara has a combing conical brush that lets you grab each lash for length, definition, and volume. It lifts lashes up from the roots to get a curling effect (it worked nicely on my outer lashes).

Tip: Rather than pumping the wand in and out of the bottle and drying out the mascara faster, Annabelle recommends gently twisting the wand back and forth in a circular motion.

Blast Off Mascara

The Blast Off mascara has a curved brushes that lifts lashes up at the roots for a curling effect. To enhance the curl, the formula is designed to lengthen and lift lashes. This mascara is best for lashes that already have a bit of a curl rather than straight lashes.

To use this mascara, Annabelle recommends positioning the wand so that the brush spoons the curve of your lashes. Start from the root, then sweep the wand upward, guiding the shape of the lash as you go. You can get even more definition and fullness, if you wiggle the brush from side to side.
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