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Music Festival Beauty Survival Pack

7 Jun

Music Festival Beauty Survival Pack

Hi beauties!

‘Tis the season for summer music festivals. 🎵

In the Vancouver area, we have the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival (located at the beautiful Jericho Beach) to mention a few.

If you’re heading to a music festival, preparation is key especially if it’s an all day event!

To make it easy, I categorized the travel minis that I’d pack to get started.


Here’s what you need to keep your hair in check in the hot, summer sun:

  • It’s always hard to find a decent travel side brush. You want to bring along a professional styling brush that’s easy on the hair like the Brushology Retouch from Scunci.
  • For ponytail moments and extras you want to carry around, the Fashionably Fit 2-in-1 Hair + Wrist Band from Scunci is a cloth band that has a built-in velcro pocket for keys, lipgloss, cash, and fitness trackers.
  • If you’re going for a boho look (without the commitment), Hair and Body Art from Scunci is a temporary tattoo with metallic shimmer that goes on as easily as it comes off.


For lips, don’t forget to cover all the possibilities. Here are three lip options for any beauty survival pack:

  • An easy to way to protect lips in the sun is with a lip moisturizer that contains 20 SPF. Softlips has a hydrating, glide-on formula with Vitamin E.
  • If you prefer flavored lip balm, Lip Smacker also comes in novelty pop lip balm flavours like Barq’s root beer (yum!)
  • I recently tried out a few shades of Flickable lip gloss like Citrus How We Do It. This tangerine shade is one of their cruelty-free and vegan lollipop lip glosses with a non-sticky texture.

Mouth Hygiene

For a long day at the festival, taking care of your teeth is a no-brainer.

  • Try to pack a 3-in-1 like Carry Clean, which contains a travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and interdental picks.
  • For super hot weather, it’s worth bringing a dry mouth spray like Mouth Kote with natural Yerba Santa to moisten the mouth.


If you don’t have time for a mani, SensatioNail offer press-ons with a gel shine finish in different shapes/patterns that can match any look.

Disclaimer: Media samples provided, all opinions are my own.