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Pump Up Skin Hydration: Clarins New Hydra‑Essentiel

25 Jan

Clarins Hydra-Essential

Towards the end of last year, I attended a luncheon hosted by Clarins to present their Spring 2017 skin care and makeup launches.

Up until now, I’ve had to be “hush-hush” on these products. Since I spotted Clarins’ latest skin care at The Bay in Vancouver, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag.


After looking at the impact of climate on skin hydration, Clarins Research discovered that sudden changes in temperature and humidity (thermal shocks) can impact skin daily.

To address this problem, Clarins Laboratories turned to nature and discovered a plant called organic leaf of life. This amazing plant from Madagascar captured the attention of Clarins because of its succulent leaves, which remain full of water despite the changes in temperatures.

The organic leaf of life extract in Hydra-Essential helps your skin’s capacity to retain water and restore optimal moisturization. On top of that, Hydra-Essential also contains an anti-pollution complex to provide extra protection against indoor and outdoor pollutants.

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Pure Retinol: NeoStrata All‑in-One Night Serum

11 Jan

NeoStrata All-in-One Night Serum

According to many skincare studies, Retinol is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients.

After reading up on Retinol a few years ago, I tried a prescription form which was a bit harsh on my sensitive skin. So, I gave up on it but kept on hearing how well it works.

NeoStrata®, an innovative cosmeceutical brand, has an anti-wrinkle serum called All-in-One Night Serum that I’ve just starting using. So far, what I like about this serum with Retinol is that the formula does all of its work while minimizing irritation.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredients in this nightly serum are:

  • .3% Pure Retinol–This form of vitamin A is encapsulated (releases slowly) to optimize its potency and deliver a high concentration to skin while minimizing irritation.
  • 5% new Matrixyl®–This peptide helps to reverse the visible signs of aging.
  • 0.05% Hyaluronic Acid–This anti-aging ingredient provides moisturizing and plumping action.

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Spa Retreat in a Bottle: Imbue Skin Recovery Mists

16 Nov

Imbue Goods Skin Recovery Mists

Hi beauties!

I recently learned about a Vancouver aromatherapy company, Imbue Goods, who just launched an online store for their skin recovery mists.

I love the story of how the company’s founders came up with the idea for their ethically sourced, hand-made products.

While skiing on a clear day at Whistler, BC, they decided that they wanted to capture the beauty, silence, and tranquility of that perfect spring day.

To recreate the experience, they developed a skin recovery mist that lets you take a break from your day, close your eyes, and enjoy the relaxing feel in every mist.

You can use the hydrating mists featuring Rose Water, Vitamin E, and 100% natural, plant-derived essential oils in different ways:

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