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Can This Bottle of Water Help You Catch Up on Your Beauty Sleep?

30 Sep

Dream Water

What’s the best beauty advice? Get more sleep.

Deep sleep or what some people refer to as “beauty sleep” results in the secretion of growth hormone which can help repair and rebuild body tissues like muscle and bone.

Getting more sleep is easier said than done, though, especially as we’re experiencing seasonal change. Just ask the people who are already having trouble sleeping as we transition into cooler weather.

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New Way to Get Your Beauty Sleep

13 Aug

If you’ve become a tired warrior in the fight against insomnia, you’re probably game for any innovation that will help you drift off to sleep.

After all, sleep is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment (check out these seven beauty benefits of sleep).

The latest sleep aid to hit the shelves is pillow spray.

The theory behind this sleep savior is that a light mist infused with comforting aromas will soothe the mind and soul leading to a peaceful serenity that encourages sleep.

Here are two relaxing sprays that can help you get your beauty sleep.

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